In Praise of Barefoot Science-A Review of an Arch Activation system for Your Feet

best arch support for Plantar Fasciitis, best insoles for runningBarefoot Science is a progressive Arch Activation and Foot Strengthening system that addresses the causes of Foot Pain not just the symptoms. Don’t be satisfied with Arch Support you become dependent upon – help your feet  actually get stronger.

Get Moving with Confidence!

What is Barefoot Science?

Barefoot Science is a system that applies the principles of STRENGTH TRAINING to the soles of your feet…

Through an ingenious system of shoe insoles with space to accommodate progressive Arch Strengthening Inserts – your Arches become stronger…

…The Mechanics of your Feet improve…

…Your weight is distributed over your Feet properly so the Plantar Fasciia doesn’t assume loads it was never designed to support…

…Many aspects of your Foot Pain are addressed as well as pain in other parts of your body that may have their origins in your feet! … such as your knees, hips and shoulders!…

YES! This IS a Workout for Your Feet! ANY Objections?!Barefoot Science arch and foot workout system

Exactly! For all these important reasons, the Barefoot Science Arch Activation & Foot Strengthening System will help you address your Foot Pain: 

Barefoot Science F.A.Q’S:

Q: Where can I get the Barefoot Science system?

A: You can get it directly through the manufacturer through this link here.Barefoot Science arch activation banner

(Clicking this Banner takes you to the official Barefoot Science site where you can choose which models suit your needs)

Q: How do I use the Barefoot Science system?

A: Slip the Barefoot Science insoles with the correct Arch Activating inserts into the shoes you wear to work…

..Let the insoles of the Barefoot Science Foot strengthening system Activate the Foot Muscles with each step you take.

…As your Arches get stronger, increase the “resistance” by replacing the inserts in sequence to the next level..healthy feet with strong arches

Q: How do I know my Arches are getting stronger?

A: The Arches of your feet will actually get higher and that’s the sign to move onto the next insert of the Barefoot Science system.

==>Hint: Before you use the Barefoot Science system, take an imprint of your Feet – a few weeks later, take another one for comparison!

Q: I’m using the Barefoot Science system and my feet hurt!

A: There’s a good chance your feet are experiencing workout pain. This is different in quality from outright pain – you’ll feel the difference. There may also be tingling sensations along your calves & shins with the workout pain too.

Q: What if I’m not happy about the Barefoot Science system – What can I do?!

A: Barefoot Science offers a One Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee! No questions asked.

Why is the Barefoot Science system for Foot Pain so Effective?

  1. Based on Science & Extensive Field testing.
  2. Ability to customize the Barefoot Science system to your needs – the Arch of one Foot may be higher or lower than the other.
  3. Durable insoles with a slim profile that can be used with any shoe even running shoes!
  4. Convenience & Savings vs Expensive Custom Orthotics (or surgery).
  5. Barefoot Science Treats Causes and Alleviates symptoms of Foot Pain at the same time  ==>Quick recovery!
  6. Barefoot Science offers a One Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
    Barefoot Science money-back guarantee

==>No Risk!

==>Test the Barefoot Science Arch Activation and Foot Strengthening system for one month!!

==>Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Get Back On Your Feet!!!


Final Verdict? Is Barefoot Science worth it? – Yes!

Visit the Barefoot Science website to discover surprising causes of Foot pain here, and why most treatments don’t work – it will challenge your assumptions of how Foot pain should be treated!

Tips for Healthy Feet!

  • Walk in bare feet on different types of surfaces as much as possible: on sand, grass, logs, on rocks…
  • Pick up objects with your toes and throw it!… Try picking up a pencil! – the skinny ones!!
  • Walk with flip-flops or wooden clogs. As you walk, your feet will initiate gripping actions that will make your arches and calf muscles flex, becoming stronger.
  • Roll a textured ball under the soles of your feet or play a game of barefoot soccer!

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