About Me

Hello Helana here!

I created this site to let as many people know how much I appreciated the insoles I bought from a Barefoot Science infomercial a while back for my collapsed arches. It’s why I became an affiliate for them!

I discovered any kind of dysfunction with the feet immediately diminishes you – you’re not able to move decisively when it counts no matter how strong you are or how many squats you can do!

One evening I got up to the sound of my newborn son crying and bolted towards his room when my sleep-deprived brain told me I was shrinking… my legs had buckled beneath me until I was on the floor.

I found out during my pregnancy, the hormone elastin may have been responsible for the collapse of both arches. Inadvertently, I began limiting the kinds of physical demands I made on myself just as my son was expanding his range of movement.

An event that forced me to re-evaluate arch support and the idea of orthotics came when we were at a park. I saw my son racing towards traffic from a sandy playground. My efforts to intercept him was interrupted by searing pain along both shins. I was still “running” in a sense from the initial momentum with my knees hitting the sand – but I caught my boy!

At that time, I was wearing a famous, expensive brand of sandals. It had a molded foot bed, “the absolute best in comfort”, and “anatomically shaped insoles with incredible support”,.. by Birkenstock.  I could walk in those sandals but my collapsed arches were not being addressed – they remained collapsed. The arch support Birkenstock alluded to, made me dependent on them. I had to admit I couldn’t walk for any distance without them!

Here’s where Barefoot Science comes in. I saw their infomercial challenge how conditions associated with foot pain like collapsed arches, flat feet and Plantar Fasciitis could be treated. I took advantage of their 100% money-back guarantee and never got my money back… because I love the Barefoot Science System and kept my pair- even got two more!

Now You have the Opportunity to Regain Your Mobility with Barefoot Science Too!

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Best Regards,

Helana Szakall